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Norton programs and Version 2.4.1 Download

Page last Updated October 27 2022

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  • With some settings, Norton now makes it difficult for you to install any program that it does not recognize as being a well known program, and appears to delete the file you have just spent time downloading. Often they are just quarantining the file, but the option to restore it may be difficult to find. If the information below is not helpful, Click here and Ian Gibson will send you a free DVD by mail.

  • One person told us "When Norton says the file is not safe (the ones below) you click on options and that gives a dialogue box that says details. Then in very small letters at the bottom of that dialogue box there is an options link. Click on that and it gives an option to restore the file that Norton thinks is a threat. Then an option to exclude from future scans. Those choices are very small and not noticeable. It is the reason I missed them the first time."

  • Another person told us "I downloaded it, BUT I have Norton/Symantec Security installed on my computer, and Norton automatically REMOVED it, and told me it had done so, citing its program section 'WS.Reputation.1' Note that a procedure is mentioned there for RESTORING the removed program; I dared to follow the instructions; amazingly, for a non-techie, with success; and now have the program working on my computer."

  • Please let us know any further details you needed, so we can help others with this.

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