MycoMatch Mobile 2.4 Beta



Download the Necessary Apps

For this alternative set of instructions, you will need three apps. Download them as follows (if you haven’t already done so).

·         Download MycoMatch.fmp12 from the internet to your laptop or desktop.

·         Download “iTunes” from the internet to your laptop or desktop and install it (unless already installed).

·         Download “Claris FileMaker Go 19” from the App Store to your iPhone. Some older phones may not allow FileMaker Go 19 - in that case download Filemaker Go 18 or Filemaker Go.


Installing MycoMatch Mobile on your iPhone

·        Run  “iTunes” on your laptop or desktop.

·        Connect your phone to a laptop or desktop with a USB cable.

·        When your phone is connected, a little phone icon will appear near the top left of iTunes. Press it.

·        Now a menu item will appear down the left hand side under the Settings section, called “File Sharing”. Click that.

·        In the App list that appears, click on “FileMaker Go 19”

·        Highlight any documents inside the “FileMaker Go 19 Documents” window and press the Delete key to delete them.

·        Click on “Add File…” at the bottom of the “FileMaker Go 19 Documents” window

·        Navigate to the place where you downloaded MycoMatch Mobile onto your computer and click on “MycoMatch.fmp12”

·        Within a minute the progress bar at the top should show that it is complete.

·        On your iPhone, launch the “FileMaker Go 19” app. If you don’t see “MycoMatch”, click on “My Apps” on the bottom toolbar.

·        Click on “MycoMatch” to begin!