MycoMatch Mobile 2.4 beta for iPhone


Using the App

Match Screen

·        The app begins showing you a list of more than 1,200 gilled mushrooms in the PNW. You can click on any mushroom for more details about the species.

·        Pressing the icon with three horizontal lines at the top left with let you see the HELP instructions and INFO about the product.

·        To get help identifying a mushroom, choose a group of criteria for your mushroom (either Cap, Gills, Stem, Veil, Odor/Taste, Spores, Habitat, Milk, Chemical Tests or Color Changes)

·        Click on one of the many buttons that describe a characteristic of your mushroom. The criteria you have chosen will be highlit.

·        Press the characteristic again to de-select it.

·        At any time, you can select a different tab to see different groups of characteristics.

·        To remove all characteristics and start again, press the RESET button.

·        If you are sure that your mushroom species never, ever has a particular characteristic, (never ever, not just the ones you found) you can press the “Never” button at the top of the tab followed by a characteristic. Use this sparingly.

·        To see a list of which characteristics you have chosen, press the “Criteria” button.

·        Do not get carried away. Choose 2 or 3 of the most distinctive characters you can think of and see how much the list is whittled down before proceeding or adding one or more extra characters.

Every time you press a characteristic button, the list of mushrooms will be updated to reflect only those that match your criteria. At the top of the list you will see the mushrooms that match with all of your criteriafollowed by the mushrooms that match only some of your criteria. For instance, you may have 20 100% matches at the top followed by 450 partial matches (one or more criteria match, but not all).

Click on a mushroom for more details of that species.


Species Screen

After you click on a species, you will be brought to the Species Detail screen.

·        Click on the photo and then you can scroll up and down to see all of the available photos

·        Click on the description and then you can scroll up and down to read the entire description. The NOTES and SIMILAR sections are the most popular and useful.

·        Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen to go back and forth through the list of mushrooms.

·        At the very bottom left is a button that says “100%” or “67%” to tell you how many of your criteria this mushroom has (for instance, if you chose 3 criteria and this mushroom only has 2 of them, you’ll see 67%).

·        Push the % button to see the list of criteria you chose, and whether or not this mushroom possesses them. The characteristic is printed in green if it does possess it, but printed in red if it does not.

·        You can press the arrow keys while the criteria popup is up, and the popup will stay up, so you can quickly see for all of the mushrooms in the list, which criteria it has.

Press the left arrow at the top left of the screen to return to the “Match Screen”


Known Problems

·        If you scroll through the list of mushrooms in the “Match Screen” before choosing a criteria button, it will be very slow to process that first button. Instead of taking a second or two, it may take up to a minute. But subsequent criteria buttons you press will be fast again.

·        If the list of mushrooms if very long, it may take a while to scroll through the list. There is no way to jump to a certain point yet or scroll faster.

·        Swiping left and right in the “Species Detail” screen does not go back and forth between species yet. You have to press the arrow buttons at the bottom of the page.

·        There are many, many features of the computer version of MycoMatch that the Mobile version does not have. Let us know which features are most important that you would like to see.